# Interface: CoreInteractionOptions

# Hierarchy

# Properties

# axis

axis: InteractionAxis

Defines which directions are used in calculating distances. Defaults to 'x' for 'index' mode and 'xy' in dataset and 'nearest' modes.

# Defined in

index.esm.d.ts:1439 (opens new window)

# includeInvisible

includeInvisible: boolean

if true, the invisible points that are outside of the chart area will also be included when evaluating interactions.

default false

# Defined in

index.esm.d.ts:1445 (opens new window)

# intersect

intersect: boolean

if true, the hover mode only applies when the mouse position intersects an item on the chart.

default true

# Defined in

index.esm.d.ts:1434 (opens new window)

# mode

mode: keyof InteractionModeMap

Sets which elements appear in the tooltip. See Interaction Modes for details.

default 'nearest'

# Defined in

index.esm.d.ts:1429 (opens new window)