# Interface: FontSpec

# Properties

# family

family: string

Default font family for all text, follows CSS font-family options.

default "'Helvetica Neue', 'Helvetica', 'Arial', sans-serif"

# Defined in

index.esm.d.ts:1659 (opens new window)

# lineHeight

lineHeight: string | number

Height of an individual line of text (see MDN).

default 1.2

# Defined in

index.esm.d.ts:1678 (opens new window)

# size

size: number

Default font size (in px) for text. Does not apply to radialLinear scale point labels.

default 12

# Defined in

index.esm.d.ts:1664 (opens new window)

# style

style: "normal" | "italic" | "oblique" | "initial" | "inherit"

Default font style. Does not apply to tooltip title or footer. Does not apply to chart title. Follows CSS font-style options (i.e. normal, italic, oblique, initial, inherit)

default 'normal'

# Defined in

index.esm.d.ts:1669 (opens new window)

# weight

weight: string

Default font weight (boldness). (see MDN).

# Defined in

index.esm.d.ts:1673 (opens new window)