Max Compressed Farm Size Estimator

Max farmable size refers to the maximum amount of compressed plots that can be efficiently farmed on a given hardware setup. This metric is essential to consider because it directly impacts your chances of earning Chia rewards. The max farmable size is influenced by various factors, including the chosen compression level, the hardware used for decompression, as well as the current plot filter.

The plot filter is reducing in the future (CHIP-0012) to ensure replotting attacks remain economically infeasible. Each plot filter halving will double the decompression workload and cut max farmable size in half so it is important to account for that.

Coming soon: max farm size stats for Gigahorse v2.5 plots (generated from Gigahorse 2.0)

Max Farmable Space Calculator
5000 TB
Did you know?
Uncompressed Scaling

Old school uncompressed plots (C0) can scale very high even on minimal hardware. This makes it a reasonable choice for folks that don't want to worry about replotting or have to plan for future plot filter reductions.

Max Farmable Size Table (Gigahorse v2.4)
Maximum Farmable Space Table (Bladebit)