Chia Solo vs Pool Farming Simulator

This simulator is designed to provide insights into the potential rewards and risks of solo and pooled Chia farming. Users can customize their farm size and pool size, running multiple simulations with detailed results comparing solo earnings, pooling earnings, and the differences between the two methods over the period of a year.

Simulation Configuration
Did you know?
Statistics 101

Although this simulator only considers empirical probabilities, the underlying distribution of differences between pool and solo earnings is driven by the Central Limit Theorem , converging to a Normal distribution over a large number of simulations -- so you're just as likely to be on either side of the luck spectrum!

Pro Tip
To Pool or Not to Pool

In addition to more consistent rewards, some pools also offer useful features such as farm offline alerts, block win alerts, mobile apps, along with a helpful community of farmers! Also, Chia's innovative pooling protocol means choosing to pool does not impact network decentralization!

Individual Simulation Results
Simulation Number Solo Earnings Pooling Earnings Difference (XCH)
Aggregate Simulation Results